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We Support our Troops

Naper Nuts and Sweets Operation Carmel Corn


Donations from Washington Jr. High Girl Scout Brownie Troop #50037    

Naper Nuts & Sweets Sweetens U.S. Troops Experience Overseas

In an effort to help with the experience for U.S. Troops that are serving in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq, Naper Nuts & Sweets Shop at 10 W. Jefferson Ave. in Downtown Naperville ships red, white & blue bags of caramel corn on a regular basis for the men and women of the U.S. military overseas. The goal of Operation Caramel Corn is to show our appreciation and love for the men an women who are sacrificing each day for us so that we can have the freedom to live in this great country.

Over the years since Operation Caramel Corn started on February 14 2003, so many customers ( including children), Churches, Scouts, Veterans, Corporations and schools have contributed in so many ways. We at Naper Nuts and Sweets are so thankful to all of you for putting our troops first. Naper Nuts and Sweets has become a depot for care packages and we are happy to ship anything you would like to get into the hands of a soldier. Here is how you can join in by giving to our troops:

Did you know that there are close to 150,000 American servicemen and women deployed overseas in defense of our country? Many of these troops are living in very difficult conditions with few, if any, creature comforts. The need for basic items is great. These boxes can include items such as packaged treats (candy bars, nutra-grain bars, nuts, vacuumed packed food, etc - no home baked goods please!), powdered drink mix, baby wipes (many of our soldiers go weeks without being able to take a shower), hand warmers, etc. An ideal box contains 20-35 pounds of goods.

Sponsoring a box is easy. Each person may choose to contribute an item or two off of the wish list (or something else appropriate) and/or they may make a monetary donation to defray the shipping cost. Letters, pictures, drawings, etc. can all be put in the box along with self addressed envelopes for the soldiers to write back. A class, scout troop, church group, or just about any other group, organization, or individual can sponsor a box to a soldier.

"A Big Thanks is in order for all that theNaper Nuts and Sweets Company is doing for the soldiers. I was one of a few soldiers that had the pleasure of receiving a bag of the Caramel Corn,and it was great.

Naper Nuts and Sweets Company has done more for the Troops here in Afghanistan than the average American and once again we really appreciate all that you have done." - SSG (P) Horne, Steven

"I received a giant box in the mail yesterday filled with goodies! I wanted to thank you so much for the support, all the treats and the very kind letter. I opened box and found more caramel corn than I had ever seen previously at one time. We all opened it up and started gorging ourselves. It was very good and I am happy to report 24 hours after opening the first bag, every bag is now gone! We here in Iraq really appreciate everything you guys back home do to support us, with everything going on, it makes this a bit easier for us." - LT Jared Jalbert

Thank you! You recently sent me a box of caramel corn and I wanted to let you know I received it OK. I'm sharing it with the other airmen, troops, and Iraqis I work with. I've attached a picture of the students in a class I am teaching - most of the Iraqi Air Force officers are saving the bags I handed to them for their children. They sell sweets in Baghdad, but they are cheap quality compared to ours. I know my mom and dad, Ellen and Ron, shop there often and like your store. Hopefully I can come by in person the next time I'm out to visit. - Lt Col Andy Sellberg

"...I am honored to say that I have had the privilege of receiving multiple boxes FULL of the BEST caramel popcorn I have ever had. I would never be able to enjoy such delicious, home-made popcorn if it were not for all of you putting so much time and love into sending us troops these boxes. The very first box came as a complete surprise to me. I had no idea that Naper Nuts and Sweets had been doing this, and for so long! So of course I shared. The stuff is delicious and all of us out here really do appreciate what you guys do for us. Thank you for your enormous hearts and constant prayers." - SPC Alex Teckenbrock

Read the entire letter here

"Thank-you very much for the very thoughtful box of candied corn. The box was way more than I could eat so I shared it with the other soldiers on my small base who really enjoyed the taste of home. Serving in a combat zone away from family can be very lonely over the holidays, especially for our young Soldiers so the thoughts and prayers you send our way really boost morale. Knowing that we have support back home is very important. God Bless you and your employees over this holiday period and thank you for the gift box. " - Col. Matthew S. Kelly

Read the entire letter here

"My soldiers and I received a care package from [Ms. Martucci] and Naper Nuts & Sweets. This is not the first time that I have received an amazing package from you, I had also received a few when I was in Korea. ...all the soldiers chowed down and all the caramel popcorn was gone by the end of the first evening I opened it, a remarkable feat. Needless to say they loved it and were glad to be able to eat something that wasn't army provided, cooked, and something that tasted good. I appreciate what you do for us service members overseas and the support from you and your staff at Naper Nuts & Sweets. So again on behalf of my Soldiers and myself, we would like to thank you and the rest of Naper Nuts & Sweets for helping out us Soldiers overseas and for your prayers and support to being us all home safely. " - Lt. Stephen Laz

Read the entire letter here

"I received another box of caramel corn from you. The box was gone within an hour! The soldiers of F/106 Aviation love your caramel corn. I guarantee that the morale of the troops here is always lifted when we receive caramel corn from Naper Nuts & Sweets. Thanks again for your support. " - Lt. Brian Slavenas

Read the entire letter here

"Greetings! I'm writing to you from Kabul, Afghanistan. Since I've been in theater, I've been the extremely lucky recipient of several care packages from you. I have to tell you, that the caramel corn is a welcome treat and is devoured by all of us here at Camp Integrity. Not only is it delicious, it's really your support that really makes a big difference in our lives. Sometimes each day is a bit like Groundhog Day, but when I receive a package from you, it really brightens our day.

Thank you for the Valentine package and the great letters. I live in Plainfield and work in Naperville and cannot wait to get home in May so that I may stop by and thank you in person. Perhaps I'll see you at the Memorial Day Parade. Your newsletter was touching and I am proud to serve you! Thank you for all that you do and God bless! " - John Janachowski, ITC USN

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